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Hey guys,

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to defend my title in Charleston. I got to the quarterfinals but was really disappointed with my performance against Zvonareva. My timing was off and I wasn’t moving my feet or sliding very well, and that’s especially a problem when you’re playing on clay. But it was my first tournament on clay this season, so I still have time to adapt and get ready for the upcoming tournaments, and most importantly Roland Garros. Even though I didn’t win, I do have to say there was a great atmosphere in the match. It was a night match and I felt the crowd really behind me giving me amazing support. I appreciated it a lot.

The next morning I went out there and practiced three hours, doing tennis and movement drills with my coach and sparring partner. I really want to get ready for my upcoming clay court tournaments.

One of the cool things I did in Charleston was the champions parade on Saturday. I was invited to go on Stadium court with past champions like Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova, Conchita Martinez and more, and they introduced us as a celebration of 35 years of the Family Circle Cup. I chatted with Chris and Martina, two really big legends of women’s tennis, and it was really nice to see them. They all wished me luck for Roland Garros and the rest of the season!

In the evening we had a big dinner with these champions and the sponsors of the tournament. All of the former champions were invited on stage and we were interviewed by Bud Collins and Pam Shriver, and they were all telling stories about when they were playing, but when they came to me I told them I had no idea what they were talking about because I wasn’t even born then! Haha. I was the baby there and making everybody laugh! It was a real honor to meet all of these players I admired so much when I was younger. The funniest thing was that I met Greg Norman (Chris Evert’s fiance) and he is my dad’s lookalike! I showed the people at my table a picture of my dad and they asked if it was Greg Norman, and we all started laughing. I even showed Greg and he was laughing too. Anyway I took a picture with Greg and Chris and I’m going to show my dad, and I’m sure he’ll like it.

I’m really excited because I’m flying back to Europe today. I’m going back home to Serbia for a few days and then I’m going to Zagreb for our Fed Cup tie. I’ll talk to you guys next week, after we (hopefully) make it into the World Group for the first time ever!


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