Beijing, second time in 2008.

Dear Fans,

Last time I wrote to you, I had just come back from the player party in Tokyo. As you may have seen, I ended up losing 7-5 in the third set to Kuznetsova who I have to congratulate for playing a really good match. The level of tennis was really high and with a bit of luck on my side, I think the match could have gone the other way. In tennis, it is important to learn how to lose so that you can analyze, learn from your mistakes and come back stronger next time.

I am now writing to you from my room in Beijing. I am back here for the second time in six weeks. This time, with the Olympics finished, the city is a little quieter. It is still really busy but just not as many tourists this time around. I noticed that there is less smog in the air than during the Olympics and a ray of sunshine even came through today so I was really happy about that! I love sunny weather, i am not a fan of dark clouds and rainy days! I arrived here on Saturday and have been busy doing promotional activities. Yesterday was crazy day for me. I had practice in the morning, followed by my All Access hour which as you may remember involves one hour with the media that are covering the event. Right after I had to have a quick lunch and back to the tennis court for another session of one hour and a half followed by my workout in the gym.

I had the privilege together with 2 chinese players Li Na and Zheng to be part of the opening ceremony for the WTA office here in Beijing. This is really important for the growth of women’s tennis here in Asia. Beleive it or not around 8pm, I had another activity, it was for one of my sponsors for a charity reason. It took 45min to get to the venue due to a lot traffic and you can imagine my face in the car, how I felt after such an exhausting day. Anyway when I arrived there there were so many kids who were so excited to see me and even though I was so tired at the end of the day when I saw those little innocent smiles on their cute faces, right away I reiceved some energy and was ready to do my job last one on my schedule.I had so much fun, I love kids and I was so happy to speak to them, play with them, inspire, motivate them in any means to go after their dreams! I finally came back to the hotel at midnight and went to bed straight away.

Today my only focus was on my tennis because I have my first match on Wednesday. I have been working on improving some segments in my game with my coach and I am really happy about my progress. I am healthy so I am able to enjoy the game and I am working very hard to bring my tennis to the next level. I am the first seed here so fingers crossed that I can go the whole way.

Write to you all soon,



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