8 Best Girls Tennis Shoes Review

Girls’ tennis shoes have become more and more innovative and stylish as time goes by. We all know that little girls are attracted to colors. If given a chance to choose a pair for themselves, they would choose the designs and the colors over comfort and durability. As someone who knows better, colors and designs are not just the only things to be considered in purchasing girls’ tennis shoes. We also have to consider the comfort and durability in purchasing the best pair for our little miss’ feet.

Different kinds with different uses. Different designs for a different taste. Nowadays, the choices are limitless when it comes to girls’ tennis shoes. Price is not even in question anymore.

 Always torn between wanting the cutest versus needing the most durable? Now you can have comfort, durability and cute design in one shoe. No need to sacrifice any of your criteria when choosing the perfect girl’s tennis shoes.

Best Girls Tennis Shoes Reviews

 We have with us here Eight of the best girls tennis shoes in the market right now according to our research.

Here is our in-depth review on these girls tennis shoes with its pros and cons and our verdict on it. This is in no particular order:

1. Vivay Kids Girls Tennis Shoes Sneakers Athletic Running Shoes (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

Vivay Kids Tennis Shoes

Features: Upper lining is made of Synthetic linen. The bottom is rubber sole and shaft measures approximately low-top from arch. The midsole is made of lightweight cushion for better comfort and has long-lasting endurance. Outsoles are non-marking and it has a Hook and Loop Strap that keeps your feet locked-in comfortable.

Pros: Made with synthetic and mesh fabric, this girls tennis shoes claims it to be breathable and gives maximum comfort. It has lots of different colors to choose from which I think your little girl would love. Fits perfectly on the feet. Best used outdoors and doesn’t leave your feet sweating, unlike super enclosed shoes.

Cons: Velcro tape gets worn out easily and falls apart from the shoes. If only the Velcro tape was stitched on stronger this would’ve been perfect.
Verdict: Quality and look wise this is an excellent girl’s tennis shoes. Don’t expect too much considering it is on the budgetary side. Overall it is okay for your little kids. It will last longer if not overused.

Heelys Kids’ GR8 Tennis Shoe

Heelys Kids GR8 Tennis Shoes

Features: The Bottom sole is made of thick rubber and shaft measures approximately low-top from arch. It has a retractable wheel on it’s sole. It is a skate shoe that weighs 13 ounces.

Pros: These wheeled girls tennis shoes add up the fun on tennis shoes. Specifically made as skate shoes but can be worn during any other day whether with wheels or no wheels. Wheels can be removed easily so kids can wear them anytime they want. I like the fact that the rubber sole is thick and sturdy. Looks stylish and can be worn with pants, shorts or even a dress. 

Cons: Wheels are retractable. Removing the wheel is easy but returning it is another thing. You have to forcefully nudge it back in its place to return it. Also, actual size is a bit smaller so I suggest getting one size bigger than your kids’ shoe size. 

Verdict: If kids like to skate around from time to time, this girls tennis shoes is the best one for them. Take note that it is considerably heavy because of its thick rubber sole. Other than the size which is small, everything else is A-okay.

New Balance Girl’s 696v3 Tennis Shoe

New Balance Kids 696v3 Tennis Shoes

Features: Body is made of synthetic rubber and the bottom part is a lightweight rubber sole. Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch. The midsole is made of a lightweight cushion. This girl’s tennis shoes have long-lasting endurance. The outsole is non-marking and it has a Hook and Loop Strap that keeps your feet locked-in comfortably.

Pros: Lightweight yet heavy-duty. With a weight of only 7 ounces who would have thought that this shoe can be able to deliver high-quality performance? Great for playdays and long walks (and running, of course) Easy to wear since it has no need to be laced up. You can, or even your kid can just strap it and go.

Cons: Color is not like what is shown in the picture. It has a more vivid color. Pink is almost or closer to an orange. This girl’s tennis shoes will live up to your expectations of the brand. Elastic strap gets loose as time goes by and velcro strap wears down. 

Verdict: Works really good and doesn’t tire feet because of its weight. Kids can use this for conventional walks or strolls or they can use this girl’s tennis shoes for playing outdoors.  

Under Armour Pre-School UA Jet Girls Tennis Shoe

Under Armour Pre-School UA Jet

Features: Synthetic, mesh and lightweight upper materials is made to increase ventilation and airflow. It is lightweight, weighing approximately 7 ounces only.

Lace-up construction offers a stronghold and rubber reinforcement protect toes. It has a padded collar and tongue for increased comfort. Pull-tab back offers easy foot entry.

It is made wit antimicrobial EVA sock liner top cloth to minimize bacteria that causes bad feet odour. Footbeds are cushioned for comfort and long-lasting wear. The midsole has full-length EVA foam. Rubber outsole provides excellent traction for better movement in a different direction and is durable.

Pros: Superior quality girls tennis shoes are what this shoe is aiming. It has all the necessary features to give your feet comfort while being active. Specifically designed to match your little girl’s feet while playing ball, these shoes offer comfort and ease. In sole is soft and cushioned so that you will not feel pain when landing on your feet.  Shoelaces are long and can be able to tie up until the last hole above the ankle. This is an added protection against injuries while playing on the hardcourt. 

Cons: Shoe size is smaller on the actual compared to the posted size. If your feet is a little wide, I suggest getting a bigger size. Best for narrow feet since it is kind of elongated. 

Verdict: If you are more than willing to pay for the price of comfort and durability, then this girl’s tennis shoes is the one for your kid. Just make sure to order a size bigger when you are going to order. 

Adidas Baseline Tennis Shoes Kids’ 

adidas Kids' Baseline Sneaker

Features: Outer covering is made of leather and it has thick rubber soles. Shaft measures approximately low-top” from arch. Very durable and flexible, best for everyday use. Leather upper is durable and flexible and rubber cup sole provides excellent traction. The inside is made of the comfortable soft textile lining. Three-stripes logo and heel patch is made with synthetic leather.

Pros: Stylish and comfortable for a good deal of price. Colors are true to the picture. The outer lining is leather, therefore, it is easy to clean. You can just wipe the dirt off of this girl’s tennis shoes directly. Inside is cushioned so it gives your kid’s feet comfort. 

Cons: Size is not the actual size. It is bigger than the actual size on the page. Footpads (sole cushions) doesn’t have an Adidas logo or name printed on it and it will make you question its authenticity.  Heel patch looks crooked and is not lined similarly with its pair. 

Verdict: Shoes is comfortable and can be worn especially if you are physically active but make sure to order a size smaller so that it will fit just perfectly and you will not have a problem fitting into it. Authenticity is questionable hence buy at your own risk if you are really an Adidas junkie. 

Hawkwell Boys Girls Breathable Lightweight Running Shoes(Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

Hawkwell Boys Girls Breathable Lightweight Running Shoes(Toddler,Little Kid,Big Kid)

Features: Upper lining is made with imported breathable sandwich mesh and soles are made with super-lightweight EVA. It is available in two stylish designs: lace-up and slip-on. It has a relaxed fit yet fashionable design for comfortable wear. Non-marking outsole for all-day wear. There are flex grooves at the mid-sole which allow better flexibility and traction.

Pros: Colorful and cute designs that your kids will love. Different designs for girl’s tennis shoes. Different colors, different design. Lightweight material your kids will love because it will not sore their feet if they’re going to use it for the whole day. Excellent traction on smooth surfaces. It doesn’t make you slip even if the surface is wet. Best used for running. These are slip-on so it is very easy to wear that your kids no longer need supervision to get one on their feet. 

Cons: Size is one size smaller than actual. Shoes are slip-on so it has a tendency to get loose after some time of using. Lace design does not function on the slip-on style sneakers so please do not pull to avoid damages. Make sure not to pull upper lining all the way out when slipping your kids feet in. if your child’s feet are chunkier or wider, I recommend for you to get 2 sizes bigger.

Verdict: Pleasing to the eye because of the designs and colors. Kids will have a lot of options to choose from. Make sure to order one or two sizes bigger so that your child can wear it comfortably. It’s a good buy considering its cheap price. 

Abertina Kids Lightweight Breathable Running Sneakers Easy Walk Sport Casual Shoes for Boys Girls

Abertina Kids Lightweight Breathable Running Sneakers Easy Walk Sport Casual Shoes for Boys Girls

Features: Upper lining is made of fabric while the outsole is made with light EVA. The insole is cushioned with soft memory foam. Comfortable and breathable fabric suitable for all season. It is easy to walk with its lightweight, comfortable and soft design. Toes are protected against bumps and collisions with its toe-cap anti-collision design. Suitable for indoor and outdoor wear.

Pros: Soft and comfortable with the breathable outer fabric. Makes your feet feel cool and doesn’t make your feet sweat.  It is lightweight and the design looks cute for your little girl. For a shoe on a budget prive, these shoes can be able to keep your child’s foot protected without having to feel uncomfortable with all the sweating and heat going on inside the shoe. 

Cons: Velcro tape doesn’t attach well and is poorly stitched. It comes off after a few times of usage. Actual size is bigger at about 1 size and it is too narrow for the width. If your child has wider than a usual foot, I suggest in getting a size bigger. Those chunky feet will fit on the next size considering that it is already bigger by one size. 

Verdict: This girl’s tennis shoes is a so-so especially if you are on a budget. It might be noticeably cheap compared to other brands but it does not last long. But if your kid won’t use it on a daily basis or regularly it might last her maybe a few months. Make sure to remember that size is bigger by one size.

MAYZERO Kids Tennis Shoes Breathable Running Shoes Walking Shoes Fashion Sneakers for Boys and Girls

MAYZERO Kids Tennis Shoes Breathable Running Shoes Walking Shoes Fashion Sneakers for Boys and Girls

Feature: Made with breathable and lightweight material, it is soft, comfortable and lightweight. Velcro tape gives you secured wear and convenience. Easy to wear and close. Inside has a thick cushioned insole for more comfort when worn. Rubber soles have good traction for any kind of surface to prevent slips and fall. It has a comfortable and elegant design.

Pros: Made with breathable woven fabric, this girl’s tennis shoes are lightweight and it allows the feet to breathe because the air can be able to enter the shoes. Feet are well ventilated inside so it will not make your kid’s feet sweat and smell. There is no need to tie this shoe since it is using velcro strap so kids can be able to wear it with little to no assistance from an adult. This shoe has very good traction on the floor which can avoid slips and falls. In-shoe cushion is thick and is very comfortable making long walks bearable and making play days more fun minus the sore feet. 

Cons: Just like any other velcro tapes, it did not last long. After several times of using this shoes, velcro was falling apart already. It is sad since it would have been a very good pair if not for the flimsy velcro tape. The bottom rubber sole is very soft and falls apart after rigorous usage of these shoes.

Verdict: Cute and stylish design your little girl will love but if your need is one that would last you long you might have to reconsider this one. If you have wider feet I suggest getting another size bigger because the shoe size is of the actual. For wider or chunkier feet you might feel a little sluggish on the regular size. 


Aside from the designs and price of these girls tennis shoes, we should always consider the comfort it is going to give our children and also the durability of the product.

Most of us want to buy something within our budget but we need to consider if going within our budget and buying something that is not as sturdy and long-lasting, are we really even saving money?

If we can be able to find one that is befitting our budget and can be able to deliver quality performance, with, of course, cute designs for our little kids, then we should go ahead add that to our cart and check out.

Always make sure to check the quality of the shoes because this is something that will make and break your kids’ feet. Choosing the best girl’s tennis shoes needs keen attention to details because after all, we all want the best shoes for their little footsies.

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