10 Best Tennis Shoes for Men Review for 2019

One really need to wear comfortable apparel and shoes and need to have a suitable tennis racket while playing the game. It does not only offer a higher level of comfort during playing but improves performance as well.  You can also find my review of girls tennis shoes 2019.

If being a tennis player you are willing to increase the agility and endurance, you need to have good quality shoes that can support their swift movements. One cannot use running shoes for playing tennis as they do not well support the sidestepping.

Best Tennis Shoes for Men Review

The complications while selecting a perfect pair of tennis shoes rise up higher especially when you find out a sheer variety of tennis shoes in the marketplace. To offer to relieve in the options, we have put together here the list of 10 best tennis shoes for men.

1. New Balance Men’s mc806

Coming up with the very first name in the list New Balance Men’s mc 806 is one of the finest options to count on for tennis shoes for men.

Being constructed from high-quality leather and synthetic these shoes not only offers a higher level of comfort to the users but also adds up some more in improving their performance as well.

Stability and durability are one of the two extreme terms that offer them to the users. It is an ergonomic design that ensures the perfect motion of the feet inside the shoe and hence raises its efficiency to a great extent. It is one of the most comfortable and breathable shoe wells whose design includes integrated side panel and unique lace-up design offers improved stability to the users.

The shoe is well designed to help the athletes to meet their goals with the help of supportive C-CAP and non-marking rubber outsole. The shoe is being designed with ROLLBAR technology which strictly prevents the excessive movement of the back of the foot. In short, we can also say that you are now going to have full control over your strides even when you planned to make some aggressive cuts as well.


  • Lace-up closure
  • Leather and synthetic construction
  • Ergonomic design
  • Supportive C-CAP
  • Non-Marking rubber outsole
  • ROLLBAR Technology construction


  • Extreme comfort and enhanced performance
  • Extra stability
  • Extreme durability
  • Breathable shoe option
  • Well reinforced toe


  • Poor insole
  • The narrow and small toe box
  • Less cushioning
  • Available in the only single color variant


2. Adidas Men’s Barricade 2018

Summing up another wonderful tennis shoes for men, Adidas Men’s Barricade 2018 is one of the most selling tennis shoes that have overcome a wide area of the market these days. Being constructed from high-quality material, it is one of the fines shoes that you can easily wear to enjoy the outstanding performance.

These not only offer a higher level of comfort during playi9ng only but also make it quite easier to put on some quick steps. Well designed for professional and recreational tennis players, these shoes are being constructed from advanced technology so that one can easily enjoy enough support, comfort, traction, and stability as well.

Moving around the court while placing out an undue amount of pressure on your feet is something that tennis player needs to train in. these shoes are just the great option that put on a very little pressure on your feet while doing various activities such as twisting of muscles and tendons. It means that you really don’t need to worry about foot pain and soreness now.

The midsole unit of these shoes is molded quite enough to support ample midfoot support, whereas the Adiprene material construction offers additional cushioning and shock absorption to your feet. Geofit construction is another wonderful feature of these shoes that offers anatomical and exceptional comfort to the players.

Adidas Men’s Barricade 2018


  • Advanced and intuitive design for professional and recreational players
  • Adiprene construction
  • Fine midfoot support
  • Geofit construction
  • Low top from the arch shaft
  • Rubber sole


  • Extra comfortable, stable and durable
  • Enough support and traction
  • A great option to deal with sore or foot pain
  • Extra cushioning and shock absorption


  • Trustic system is pretty firm
  • Length fits slightly long
  • The toe box is too spacious

3. Asics Men’s Gel-Resolution 7

Summing up another wonderful name in the list Asics Men’s Gel-Resolution 7 is another wonderful option as tennis shoes that are being designed to deliver excellent support and premier stability at the competitively low price tag.

It is one of the finest tennis shoes available in the market that is well known for providing an extra level of comfort and performance to the users. If you are looking for superior underfoot protection and enhanced breathability, these are one of the best options to enjoy on. The shoes are well designed to support your foot movement and offer impressive traction to the user as well.

If you are suffering from heel pain problem, just get these shoes to enjoy long-lasting training sessions. The outsole of this wonderful shoe is being constructed from Asics high abrasion resistant rubber or AHAR that offers long-lasting results to the users.

You can find the rubber sole on high impact areas such as forefoot rearfoot offering traction and longevity to your shoe. One of the finest things about this wonderful tennis shoe option is that these are being designed to support various kinds of courts and terrains. You can use these tennis shoes for both indoor and outdoor games while don’t leave any skid marks on the ground.

Asics Men’s Gel-Resolution 7


  • Comfortable and snug fit option
  • Extreme traction and support
  • Durable construction
  • Asics high abrasion-resistant rubber sole
  • Lateral and vertical support
  • Solyte midsole construction


  • Extreme flexibility and comfort
  • Sturdy construction
  • Suits well for all courts and terrains
  • Excellent traction
  • Amazing arch support


  • Lacking in the break-in period
  • Less cushioning

4. Babolat Jet All Court for Men

If you are looking for a high-performance tennis shoe option with the extreme of durability, Babolat Jet All Court for men is really a great option to go on. It is one of the most flexible and supportive tennis shoe options that are turned to be a great budget deal as well.

Breathable uppers and Ortholite memory shape is something that makes it one of the topmost choices among the tennis shoe options. You can now easily enjoy long and comfortable sessions of the gameplay while keeping your feet cool, dry and extremely comfortable throughout. The presence of Kevlar Fiber upper on this wonderful shoe offers sturdy fame to it and improves its durability as well.

One of the most admirable things about this wonderful tennis shoe option is its weight. It is one of the lightweight tennis shoe options being available in the market that suits well to all tennis courts and terrains. You can now easily move quickly and easily turn around the court without having any issues.

Well constructed with MatrYX technology, the shoes are being constructed to add up a high abrasion resistant to your feet while.e playing. Moreover, EVA technology is also there to keep your feet stable and supportive during the entire gameplay. Adding more to it, Active Flexion Sale technology and Tri-Fit with shock-absorbing technology is also there that improves your performance up to a greater extent.

Babolat Jet All Court for Men


  • MatrYX technology of high tenacity polyamide fiber
  • EVA technology for extra stability
  • Active Flexion Sole technology for shock proofing
  • Michelin rubber outsole in an S-shaped pattern


  • Extra stability, comfort, and durability
  • Great cushioning
  • Shock proofing
  • Quick movement support
  • Lightweight option


  • The comparatively soft upper side and midfoot
  • Less cushioning in the midsole

5. Wilson Men’s Rush Pro 2.5

Adding up another wonderful name in the list Wilson MEns Rush Pro 2.5 is really one of the finest tennis shoe options one can choose upon. Coming up with 3D F.S technology, it is one of the most flexible, breathable options that are particularly being designed to improve the user experience to a greater extent.

To improve the performance of the players, the shoe is being constructed with Endofit inner lining locking system that keeps your foot in place and hence prevents you from slipping down anywhere especially while you push off aggressively or serving.

The involvement of R-DST technology is another wonderful thing that we love about these shoes. It is one of the highly comfortable and exceptionally cushioned tennis shoe options that offer an extreme level of responsiveness to the players so that he/she can make some extreme support.

Being constructed from high-quality construction material the shoes are designed to be a lightweight option so that there is no need to drag them unnecessarily. Adding more into it, the padded tongue and collar keep your feet snuggly settled in the shoe so that you can make some powerful shots.

Wilson Men's Rush Pro 2.5


  • 3D F.S technology
  • Lightweight option
  • R-DST+ midsole
  • Duralast rubber outsole


  • Extreme stability and flexibility
  • Endofit inner lining for extra support
  • Padded tongue and collar for extra support and comfort
  • Duralast rubber outsole for improved traction


  • Low to ground feet
  • Lower mid toe box

6. Prince T22

Whether you are beginner or a professional tennis player Prince T22 is just the most suitable Tennis shoe option that ensures the improved performance of the users. These are one of the most comfortable shoe options for the tennis players that are being designed for the one-with generous toe sizes.

Larger toe boxes offering a roomy and wide area for enjoying comfortable gameplay throughout. Adding more into them, these shoes are also renowned for having greater cushioning and stability. To enhance the comfort level of the players, the upper part of the shoe is being constructed ventilated and flexible.

If we go with the looks, the shoe seems to be pretty much solid. The shoe actually has a wide base that offers an extreme level of stability to the users. The shoe is really going to be a perfect choice for all those who love to have tennis shoes with higher arches.

Prince T22 is one of the most flexible and highly durable tennis shoe options being available in the market that makes it easier to enjoy longer training sessions without having any strains throughout. Moreover, Prince’s RASH to eat is also there that prevents your toes from warping down for painful bumps usually being caused by unfortunate missteps.

Prince T22


  • 100% Synthetic and mesh construction
  • Rubber sole
  • 4-foot wrap
  • Shockproof construction


  • Extra durable
  • Extreme support and flexibility
  • Enhanced breathability and comfort level
  • Eye-catching design
  • Reasonable price range


  • Quite heavy in weight

7. Adidas Performance Barricade Team 3W

Coming up with various advanced technology Adidas Performance Barricade Team 3W is one of another wonderful name that is known for providing extremely amazing design at a very affordable price tag. Being constructed with Boost cushioning technology around the heel area, these tennis shoes for men support added comfort and flexibility to the users. It is a durable tennis shoe option that offers extreme comfort and performance to the player at different grounds and terrains as well.

One of the best things about these shoes is that one really doesn’t need to wait for a break-in period here. Uppers are quite supple and flex here that makes it quite easier to make quick movements at any time of the gameplay. Adding more into its comfort level, the pillow-like tongue offers extreme cushioning to the feet.

Adidas Performance Barricade Team 3W


  • Pure textile or synthetic construction
  • Rubber sole consultation
  • Breathable Ballistic mesh upper construction
  • Stabilize and supportive barricade chassis
  • ADIPRENE foam construction for extra cushioning


  • Improved durability
  • Extreme flexibility, support, and breathability
  • Extra cushioning


  • Narrow fitting through the arch area
  • Slightly clunky

8. Asics Gel-Court Speed Men’s

If you are looking for tennis shoes for men that can offer you a higher level of performance, Asics Gel-Court Speed Men’s is really a great choice to go on. Specially designed for men, the shoes are being constructed from high-quality material that offers an extreme level of durability to the users.

The shoes are really a great option for the advanced and intermediate players. Coming up with breathable mesh upper, Gel cushioning technology and sturdy rubber outsole, these shoes can be supposed to be a great choice of comfort, style, and performance.

To provide an extensive level of airflow to your feet during the gameplay, seamless mesh is also there at the upper end. It not only prevents you from unpleasant smell only but keeps your feet cool during long sessions as well. Moreover, the design is also being constructed in such a way to prevent the incidences of friction, hotspot, and blisters as well.

Asics Gel-Court Speed Men’s


  • Higher construction material
  • Rubber sole construction
  • Low top from the arch shaft
  • PGuard Toe Protector
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Brand Technology construction system
  • Seamless construction
  • Trusstic system technology


  • Lightweight option
  • Quite supportive and comfortable
  • Extreme breathability
  • Great value for money


  • A roomy toe box that doesn’t fits well to everyone
  • Limited color options

9. Nike Vapor Court

If you are here in search of lightweight tennis shoe for men option, Nike Vapor Court is just the right option to choose on. It is one of the finest tennis shoes for men that are being designed with Vapor 9 Tour. For offering an extreme level of comfort and lightweight feel to the users, the shoes are being constructed from premium quality material.

The shoes are really a great model to describe e the optimal foot support and stability. These are synthetic leather and split leather upper shoes that are being designed to offer an extreme level of comfort and style to the users.

The outsoles here are being constructed from GDR rubber and to improve the traction of the shoe herringbone pattern is also there. The midsole of the shoes is also being crafted with the help of human foot’s natural motion principles so that one can enjoy an extreme level of comfort and stability during the gameplay.

Nike Vapor Court


  • Vapor 9 Tour construction
  • Synthetic and split leather construction
  • GDR rubber outsole
  • Herringbone pattern for improved traction


  • Durable construction
  • Durable outsole for extensive foot movement
  • Enhanced durability higher wears areas
  • Lightweight option
  • Rigid foothold


  • Tight from midsole
  • Lack in cushioning

10. New Balance MC1006V1

Coming up with the amazing cushioning facility, it is one of the most favored choices among the tennis shoes for men this year. These are the best tennis shoes for men who carve vigorous play anonymously. Being constructed with synthetic and mesh upper, the shoes are being designed to provide an extreme level of breathability to the player

The midsole is being constructed with REVlite technology that prevents the players from unwanted shocks. Moreover, the rubber outsole prevents users from being getting skidding anywhere. The NB cushioning and arch are also quite supportive and firm with light and steady design that offers a free movement to your feet on various courts and terrains as well.

New Balance MC1006V1-


  • NDURE toecap for extra resistance against abrasion
  • REVLite midsole for shockproof experience
  • NB cushioning and arch support
  • Mesh construction
  • Durable rubber soles


  • Perfect for vigorous play
  • Breathable upper
  • Extra resistance against abrasion
  • Shockproof experience


  • Less cushioning in the midsole
  • Limited color options

Buying Guide

Tennis is one of the all-time favorite sports of various sports lovers. One really needs to be very careful while selecting the apparel and shoes for Tennis. Tennis is one of the most active games that include a lot of fast rigorous movements such as sprints, jumps, split steps and backward motions. The game is really very demanding physically as well as mentally also. Talent and practice are actually the key aspects of a successful session of tennis, but do you really think that is quite enough to go along with? Here are some tips that can help you in purchasing a perfect pair of tennis shoes for you:

Court Surface: Check out the court surface before starting up the gameplay. You need to look forward to the balls and bouncers.

Style: Make a selection of the shoe as per your gaming style so that it can well match your every move.

Feet size: Make sure that you are going to get the shoe size that can suit you well. Extra tight and extra loose shoes can ruin your gaming experience.

Construction: It is very important to check the construction material of the shoe; after all, it is a matter of comfort and durability of yours.

Cushioning: Cushioning offers a higher level of comfort to the users. So make sure that the pair you are going to choose should be perfectly cushioned throughout.

Budget: Budget is one of the other most wonderful features to consider. Tennis shoes are not so cheap. So be careful while making the brand selection and never try to get any off-brand shoes.


So Guys! These are the 10 best tennis shoes for men in 2019. We have provided up to the detailed review for you. You can easily choose any of the provided above to improve your gaming experience.

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