A short blog before I start my first match of the championships today. Last time I wrote was from Zurich and since then I have had a nice balance of rest and tennis. First I was in Belgrade for 5 days where I enjoyed time with my family and just being back home in my home country. One of the highlights was doing a commercial for Aqua Viva the water company which I am promoting. I really had a lot of fun shooting the commercial and hope that you guys get to see it on tv!

I then went to Spain where my coach is from and we practiced for a week. I didn’t play too much because it has been a long year, so I just played a couple of hours every day. I don’t know if you have ever been to Spain but they eat really late there so I found it difficult to stay awake at the dinner table. Sometimes we would start eating dinner around 11pm which is usually the time that I think about going to bed! At the restaurants it was normal to have many small courses so a lot of times I was finished after midnight and then went straight to sleep which was not ideal for getting me into shape for tennis!

Now in Doha, I am trying hard to quickly get back into shape. I keep weighing myself every day to see if I am making progress. The problem is that here, at the hotel, they serve you dates every time you walk into the lobby. I thought they were healthy because they are a fruit but then I found out that they have a lot of sugar in them which is probably why I have not lost enough weight yet!

It is really hot here and Doha is an interesting place to be. Everything is very clean and very modern. The tennis facility is a nice size and I am looking forward to doing my best here. I start my first match today but even if I will do everything I can to win the tournament, I can relax knowing that I will spend my winter days at number 1 in the world.

I hope you are all staying healthy and maybe playing some tennis.

All the Best,

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