Fed Cup Zagreb

My dear fans,

I want to apologize for a short delay in writing to all of you, but since I came back from Zagreb, I was very busy plus we had our Christian Orthodox Easter so I celebrated with my family once I arrived back to Serbia. I will try to be punctual, to start off the week with a new blog every time.

As I just mentioned, I spend a few days last week in Zagreb playing for Serbia at the playoff match against Croatia. We managed to win and secure the spot in the World Group B for the next year, and that is the first time in the history of our country. It is always a lot of fun to play as a team. There are more people involved in the whole process, we try to make the best out of it, socialize, and catch up on a lot of things since each one of us has a different path. I played only one match which was really great. I managed to rest a bit because as a team we played great. Ana Jovanovic replaced Ana Ivanovic and got us a first win on Saturday, and afterwards I beat the best Croatian player Nika Ozegovic 6:1, 6:2. The next day, Ana Ivanovic was able to play and she got us a third win which was enough overall. This past weekend we were national heroines of the country which felt very good for all of us. For that matter, the whole team celebrated the victory on Monday night and we stayed up very late.

Trenutno sam u Beogradu gde treniram sa mojim trenerom Rikardom Sančezom. Sada zvanično radimo zajedno i pripremam se sa njim za sezonu na crvenoj šljaci. Sledeći turnir mi je u Berlinu gde sam u prošlosti imala dobre rezultate tako da se nadam da nastavim u istom ritmu. Posle toga putujem u jedan od mojih omiljenih gradova sveta, Rim, gde ću braniti titulu osvojenu prošle godine.

Apart from practicing, I have been very busy with some off court activities. I had a couple of photo shoots for the cover pages but the most entertaining activity was on Monday when I had a photo shoot for the cover page in a magazine dedicated to the brides. I took photos in two beautiful bridal dresses and it was a special experience since it my first time to wear this gown. Couple of assistant ladies helped me to put dresses on, and I felt very glamorous even though I am not going to wear this dress in the next “who knows how many years”, haha. I am still too young. I had a great time, and once I get permission from the magazine and the photographer, I will show you some photos.

I have to go now; I am going to take a short nap and then go to practice again in the afternoon. We’ll talk soon, I promise!



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