Hello from Belgrade Everyone :)

Jelena Jankovic

Since the end of the season in Doha, I’ve been able to rest and recover and start recharging my batteries. I had a tough time towards the end of the season with some health problems, so I’ve been taking it easy, just resting a lot. I also had something removed in my left eye – I was having problems seeing clearly, especially in night matches, so I had surgery. There was a patch on it so I kind of looked like a pirate for a while! The whole time I had to wear sunglasses, so I actually looked cool. I even had to wear them in the dark. To protect it from the wind, the cold… anyway, they removed the stitches and now my eye is just a little red, so it’s almost done.

I spent a little bit of time In Italy and now I’ve been in Belgrade for a while with my family. I’ve been out of the public eye, spending some very important time with them. We travel so much that when these periods come, you just want to live a normal life. So I’ve been spending time with my family and boyfriend. There’s also a new member of the family – my brother got me a dog, a Maltese, named Stella 🙂 She’s just a puppy, three months old. We’ve been teaching her tricks and playing with her. She’s very cute.

Jelena with Puppy

My only wish for the off-season and the new season is to be healthy and avoid injuries, so I can truly work on my game and enjoy my tennis. When something is bothering you, it’s hard to do your job in a proper way. Today was my first day back training – I’m starting with fitness training. We are doing two sessions a day and I’m already feeling so tired at 8pm! I enjoy the fitness training. I already feel swollen though, and I’ll probably be going to bed early. I’ll start hitting balls in a few days or a week. I’m hoping to train hard and start the 2011 season strong – I’m always trying to be a better player and I’m really looking forward to the new season.

I’m not sure when I’ll travel back to the US. Hopefully I’ll be here for the Davis Cup final, so I can cheer on Serbia against France. I’m also going to be playing an exhibition for charity on the 30th of November here, a really big show from 9pm to midnight, to raise money for juniors as well as relief for an earthquake that happened in the city of Kraljevo. It will be a lot of fun and I always love helping raise money for good causes.

As always, thanks to all of you, my fans, for your support. I’ll keep you all updated on all of these things and I’ll write again very soon 🙂


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