It’s time for cream and strawberries!

My dear fans,

I know, I haven’t written to you for a long time, but, I believe you will understand me. After the historic victory in Lleida, wherein the Fed Cup we triumphed over Spain easily, and for the first time in history qualified for the World A group, I had a bad period regarding health conditions, and therefore the results. I got ill during the Fed Cup in Lleida, where I played both matches under the high fever, exhausted, but the fight for Serbia is always above everything.

I gave more than I could from myself at that moment, but in the end, we reached the desired goal – the fact that on February 6th and 7th, 2010. we are going to play again in the Arena, one more time in front of our home fans we will fight for Serbia, and make the road to the Fed Cup trophy, which is now closer that ever.

After the Fed Cup was finished, series of tournaments on clay followed – Stuttgart, Rome and Madrid, where I have played not even close of what I expected and wanted, because the cold and exhaustion after Lleida held me long, so I haven’t been able to played several matches in a row not to be tired and exhausted.

In Rome I had an abdominal muscle injury, which is quite a terrible injury, because it requires stillness, and I was in the middle of the clay season. I began with the therapy at once, but it didn’t help me a lot. I haven’t talked about it untill Roland Garros. I believed that the pain would go away, and that everything would stabilize, and that I would finally come to Paris in good health and ready for new victories. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case.

The abdominal muscle injury got even worse in Paris, and during the service I had great problems, having felt strong pain. In the first couple of matches, I tried not to think about the injury, and to concentrate maximally in order to achieve desired results as soon as possible, just as well not to stay on court too much. The situation remained the same until the last sixteen when I became very nervous, my laughter and concentration were gone, the thoughts were directed only to the possibility of even getting even more injuries, everything turned upside down, and so it ended – with the premature saying goodbye to Paris.

Something remarkably nice happened to me just before Roland Garros started. I was a special guest on the most glamorous event of this years’ film festival in Cannes – auction night “Cinema against AIDS”. I had the honor to collect the funds for the fight against AIDS along with the Hollywood stars. At the auction I offered a match against me, which accepted certain businessman from Monte Carlo for 45.000 euros.

When I stepped on “red carpet” I found myself to be under the siege of flash lights and cameras, which was something unexpected for me, because world movie stars walked on that same carpet. I didn’t expect to draw the same attention as they, but it was just like that. They shouted my name from all sides, and something I only watched in special shows from great movie festivals – Oscar ceremony and similar – happened to me. I wore extremely expensive jewelry, the last hit of Chopard as well as exclusive dress made by the designer George Hobeika. I spent time with the greatest movie stars, celebrities from fashion industry and business, among whom the hostess was Sharon Stone. The company at my table was Hollywood actor Josh Hartnett, while on stage I had a speech with Donatella Versace…It was a wonderful and new experience for me.

The only thing I didn’t like was my hairstyle, so the whole time I complained to have a nest on my head, and that I wanted to make the hair loose, but it was so tied and fixed with hair lacquers that it stopped me from doing that.

After the defeat in Paris I came back to Belgrade, where I spent a week on therapies, in order to heal the injury and in to be healthy for the tournaments on grass. The week at home passed quickly, mostly in chasing the embassies – to get my visas, and I had to take the new passport. But, everything isn’t that bad, there are nice moments too. These seven days in my home town meant a lot to me. My whole family gathered, I met with dear friend and cousins, whom I didn’t have the opportunity to meet often, because of the professional obligations.

I enjoyed the domestic cuisine, especially eating plum dumplings which I adore. I went to the hairdresser’s, and had my haircut a bit, also changed the color tone, but it is not very different from my natural hair color.

I am writing to you just before I am leaving for England. Soon I will be at Nikola Tesla airport, and I’ll arrive to Eastborn today afternoon, where I’ll play the first tournament next week. Wimbledon follows after Eastborn, where I will have, of course, strawberries with cream.

Your Jeca loves you

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