It’s time for Paris!

Hello my best fans,

I know I keep apologizing every time for not writing in a time manner, but since the tournament in Rome, I have not had a chance to seat down and relax. It’s all about preparing for the Grand Slam next week. I came home to Belgrade on Monday, and starting that night I had different commitments. As most of you found out, I signed a contract with Knjaz Milos where I will be promoting Aqua Viva. This company is one of top brands from Serbia and I feel very flattered to represent them.

To go back to the tournament in Rome, I am still under the impression that I managed to defend the title, play good tennis and see different improvements in my game. It gives me a lot of confidence because when you have to play a Grand Slam, you need to be on the top of your game for two weeks in order to celebrate at the end. This week I worked with my two coaches on technical aspects and a lot of conditioning. We are all flying on Friday to Paris and that is when I will start relaxing a little bit. Every day I practiced 4-5 hours a day. I am still recovering from the cold, there was no time to rest but I am feeling better. I will play in two competitions: singles and women’s doubles. I have a new partner, Anna Chakvetadze. We have never played together before so we will see what kind of success we will have.

As I above-mentioned, I am the promoter for the best Serbian bottled water. The slogan of the campaign is “Even stronger” and as a team I am sure both parties will benefit from this cooperation. On Tuesday we held a press conference, while yesterday I had a photo shoot for the campaign we are doing. I am not going to reveal any details; you will see it very soon. Today I am recording a video clip for the finals of the Eurovision. Make sure you watch me after 21h on Saturday; I am going to greet you in few languages. Do not forget to vote for our representative Jelena Tomasevic.

It is time for me to go and pack, we are flying tomorrow morning early. I cannot wait to arrive to Paris, I had so much fun last year and I hope to show even better tennis this year. Wish me luck and stay tuned watching my matches next couple of weeks…



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