Miami – Second week

Hello my fans,

I am so glad it is the end of the week and that I finally finished the tournament in Miami. I am so exhausted at the moment, I really want to enjoy some free time, try to recover from the cold I have had for a couple of weeks now and relax as much as possible. I am thrilled that I played my first final this year at such a big tournament. I know I was close to coming back in the third set but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Serena was so strong and played really well throughout the whole tournament. She was the better player in the final match. After all, I feel that I am improving in many aspects of my game, getting better and better every day. I hope to continue in the same pace which should bring me some titles soon.

I am so excited that the clay season is about the start. I am not sure if you all remember, but last year I enjoyed so much playing both on green and red clay, and I won two titles in Charleston and Rome. I cannot wait to come back to those places and hopefully defend titles. Roland Garros is also a place where I played some good tennis, so I am sure that this year’s clay season will be entertaining to watch. In the middle of the clay tour, I will play for the Serbian Fed Cup team. We face Croatia in Zagreb, so I hope we finally pass the playoff and join the World Group which we deserve.

After the final was over, I got to meet actors Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson. They were accompanied with their producer since they are making a movie here in Miami. They came to watch the match and they seem to enjoy tennis. All of them invited me to have dinner with them so I accepted the invitation. They are really great individuals and I had a great laugh with them. They are outgoing and very natural which I really liked. I am very communicative and I like when others are like that as well. I am attaching couple of pictures for all of you to see.

I am actually not in Miami right now; I came to Los Angeles today. The reason I came to California is that I have to meet with the architect in San Diego since my family is building the house in that area. I am only staying for couple of days and then I head back to Florida. I just came from shopping. I love to visit the Rodeo Drive and all the stores that are there.

I am going to rest now for a bit. Kisses,


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