This has been an amazing fortnight for me, one in which all the hard work of this year – and all the other years! – has paid off. Not only did I regain my No 1 spot in the world ranking I won two back – to – back tournaments. It really isn’t easy to be playing matches almost every day especially if you have to play three sets.

By Saturday in Stuttgart, my body was beginning to rebel and I knew that I would be having a very tough match with Venus Williams. You know she can serve so that it is almost impossible to reach the ball and when she lets rip the ball screams across the net. She is also lethal at the net. Still, I had my game plan and I stuck to it pretty well – I’ve been hitting the ball cleanly and more powerfully and I think I can use the court pretty well.

I also manage to stay in the rallies and keep the errors down. In the match, I kept my concentration up, moved her around and then got a few good winners and eventually, I was sure I was going to win. It was a sort of final and it felt great. On Sunday I was up against Nadia Petrova – Nadia has been playing very well recently so I couldn’t just lie in bed! In fact, I was pretty stiff when I got up but I did a bit of light practice and then I was ready to go on court and win. I also got another Porsche – my second one so maybe I will have to open up a garage 🙂

If ever you go to Stuttgart (or Germany) you have to try the apple Schorle – it has become my favorite drink. It is apple juice mixed with sparkling water, I think I must have drank 10 liters in 7 days!

The down point of the week is that I have just discovered that my luggage has been lost in no man’s land. When I got off the plane, we waited forever for my bag that never showed up. I had my camera, laptop, ipod and other important things in there so I am sad to think I may never see those things again. When you travel so much I guess sometimes these things happen but now I have to download new songs and take a lot of new pictures and that is the reason I couldn’t write to you guys!

I’m now in Moscow where there will be a lot of support for the home players. My parents are here with me again and I love having their support. However, I know that even if you are not there, maybe hundreds of miles away you will be wanting me to play my best and that helps me to keep focused. I want to keep up my form and remain a worthy champion. So take care and if you feel it’s turning cold go out and hit a few balls.

Lots of kisses


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