Touring the countryside of Serbia

Hello everyone,

I am back after long time. I had to rest a bit after Paris and for that reason I was not writing earlier since I was not only exhausted but injured as well so I wanted to relax and be with the closest people in my life. I suppose all of you want me to comment the Roland Garros. I am not delighted; I was expecting to play in the finals, win the title and be number one in the world. This is a sport and losses are part of the game so I am turning towards the future and things that wait for me in Wimbledon wanting to win my first singles Grand Slam title. I withdrew from the tournament in Birmingham where I am defending the title but I am not losing too many points. I need to rest, recover and prepare well for the grass season.

Right now I am visiting a very popular mountain in Serbia called Zlatibor. I came back to Belgrade on Friday and chatting with my parents, I realized I wanted to go where there is fresh air, beautiful nature, good food, and decided that Zlatibor is the heart of Serbia, amazing mountain which has a lot to offer. I came on Saturday and I am going back tomorrow. It is very hard to describe the ambiance. There is nothing better than seeing sincere people who love me and respect me, kids that are running all around, and not to mention the quality of food and variety of domestic specialties. I feel like at home here. I can finally relax and that is hard to find all around the world when I travel. I walk and hike all the time, and I visit small villages and surroundings to see everything traditional from Serbia.

Yesterday when we woke up, we headed towards the market in order to buy different kinds of cheese, ham, honey, fruits. It is all fresh and natural, such a high quality. Older part of the group also wanted to try the national brandy called sljivovica. Sellers were amazing, they greeted me with few gifts and I was very thankful. I was really not aware of how much people appreciate everything I do and I got goose bumps every time I spoke with them. As you can see I have included several pictures so you can get the true notion of how I am spending days here.

Later on I walked towards the lake which is in the center of the mountain and it is the epicenter of people who came on vacation. The place is full of kids who are on excursions, so I do not remember the last time I signed so many autographs and took that many pictures. Later on, we took the car and headed to Sirogojno, a small village 40 minutes away. The local mayor welcomed us and we had this superb meal consisted out of 17 parts. It is called Zlatibor Train, and has a variety of starters, main courses, salads and desserts. I could not get up after that meal. We went with two young and local girls to visit the old village. It was built in the 19th century and everything inside represents how people lived at that time in the village. A very nice lady explained us what small houses represented; some were for living while others for cooking, making bread or sljivovica, knitting, etc. I am attaching also few pics from the old part of Sirogojno.

As some of you know, I am good friend with Emir Kusturica and he invited me to visit his ethno village called Mokra Gora. He is a brilliant man with whom I respect a lot and we have not seen each other for few months now. He makes there natural fruit juices and I tried all of them. He wanted to take a picture of me and put me on the bottle of the raspberry juice since that fruit is famous locally for its quality and the country is the number one exporter in the world. We chatted for few hours, ate lunch together and really had a great time. Right now I am in the hotel heading to the wellness center in order to get a massage, and tomorrow I am returning home where I need to start practicing again.

Lots of kisses and you will hear back from me prior to the start of Wimbledon.


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