Hello again and greetings from London,

Since I last wrote to you I have been slowly recovering as my immune system has been down. After the French Open I was very sick and injured (arm injury) so I was not able to practice for 10 days! But those who know me know that I like to stay positive so I am keeping my head up in preparation for what I hope will be my best Wimbledon yet. I arrived into London on Sunday evening and have been doing a lot of training since than trying to get in shape as much as I can. I have also been busy fulfilling various media and sponsor obligations. On Tuesday I had a BBC film crew come by to do a filming for a game show called ‘Question of Sport.’ I am going to appear as a mystery guest and one of the teams is going to have to guess who it is. They filmed me having a massage and getting my nails done but they had to do it in such as way as to not reveal my identity completely – I hope they will be able to guess it is me! It is supposed to air in September so we are going to have to wait to find out…

Sometimes being a tennis celebrity has its perks and because of this, Friday was a fun day for me. After my practice, I was invited to go to Top Shop – where Kate Moss has her own line and also to a Fossil store. I didn’t have to bring my credit card because the store owners allowed me to buy anything I wanted for free! I even had a celebrity assistant who helped me to pick out all of the clothes that I wanted to try on. At the end of the shopping spree I left with many bags of nice new clothes from Top Shop and some sparkling new jewelry from Fossil.I will for sure have to pay for extra luggage when I go back home! hahaha!

Thursday was a day I dedicated to Reebok. I had a photo shoot with Jason Bell a well known photographer. I had a number of cool Reebok outfits to wear and we spent a few hours taking action pictures that will go out to various media outlets around Europe. I got a preview of some of the pictures and I am pretty happy with how they turned out! It’s amazing what they can do with computers these days – they superimposed my action shots onto cool London landmarks. The Reebok shoots are always well organized so I just need to show up and add my own flavor to things.

Yesterday I had some media activities and today after practice I have a cover shoot for one magazine. I am lucky because they have agreed to shoot it in the back yard of the house that I am renting here. The issue should come out around the US Open so be sure to look out for it. So that’s all for now – time for me to focus on the tournament. My first match is Tuesday so tomorrow I’ll have a light practice, some good food and an early bed time so that I am fighting fit for when the bell rings!


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