My dear fans,
Here I am with another title under my belt, another great week of tennis which passed just like a fairytale and with a biggest smile on my face which is not going off of my face. I am so happy and proud of myself at this moment. You have seen yesterday what has happened after the match against Zvonareva. Tears from happiness were going down my face and it was the best feeling, the moment I waited for a while. My whole team was emotional, we all cried. I remembered the days when I was not doing well, when I was injured and struggled a lot. I worked so hard and all this hard work is starting to pay off. I want to continue to progress, to keep working to improve some of the segments which will bring my game to the next level.

I am writing you from Zurich (and at the moment I eating my favorite chocolate bar in the world mmm!) I arrived here early this morning and I am having a day off of tennis. I am exhausted which is normal because I have played 4 tournaments in a row and I have to play this tournament because it’s my commitment tournament. I will try my best to do well here and than I will have 2 weeks off to prepare and get ready for the Sony Ericsson Championships in Doha.

I will tell you what has happened after the ceremony, where besides the ‘plate’,(trophy) I also received a watch with brilliants. As soon I finished all that formal stuff, press conference etc, I went to the hairdresser and got a trim as well as I changed my bangs. I had them on the side for a while and now they are again across my forehead as you could see in the picture. I like changing my hair style as well as taking care of my hair and getting manicures and pedicures are my favorite things to do after I finish a tournament. With that nice hair style I went to celebrate with my team.

I was so happy because my parents were here with me in Moscow, I appreciate so much their support. We celebrated my victory in one exclusive restaurant and before that a limousine came to pick us up and brought us to the red square which is so beautiful and impressive. We really enjoyed the short walk in the heart of Moscow and than we went to dinner. I received 100 red roses which smelled so nice from one of my friends. We all had so much fun, laughed a lot and enjoyed ourselves! As you all know as a professional athlete there is not much time for celebration because you have to get ready for the upcoming challenges…

Here in Zurich I will try to continue my winning streakand I would also like to thank all of you great support!!! It really means a lot to me!

Big hug and kiss,

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